Sonic Vortex™ Technology

For the first time in a long time there is a new architectural speaker technology. Our patented Sonic Vortex™ Technology produces amazing bass and effortless clarity in an integrated enclosure. It is literally a ‘twist’on ported transmission line design, which optimizes air movement to provide astonishing sound in a compact speaker.

This innovative speaker design produces great sound in a patented enclosure. Sound bleed to adjacent rooms is eliminated by redirecting driver backside air compression. Given this redirected airflow, there is virtually no transfer of energy from the driver to the enclosure. This not only improves audio performance but also simplifies installation by eliminating the need for a backbox. Potential for drywall cracking from low frequency vibration is also eliminated and removes the need for additional bracing…even with subwoofers. Sonic Vortex™ speakers assure consistent performance in stereo and multi-channel systems by removing the potentially adverse affects of uneven wall and ceiling cavities.


Sonic Vortex™ Enclosure
The Sonic Vortex™ Enclosure is a tuned, sealed enclosure that captures driver backside air compression and redirects air movement to the fins, via the Sonic Vortex™ Airgate.


Sonic Vortex™ Fins
The Fins are air channels that encircle the Sonic Vortex™ Enclosure. These air channels are specially tuned for length and volume to perfectly neutralize air pressure, balancing energy transfer to the external cabinet, eliminating external vibration.


Sonic Vortex™ Dispersion Ports
The redirected air from driver movement exits the front-ported enclosure at multiple positions, directing all audio energy into the listening area, providing a 6-9dB boost in mid-lower bass and creating an immersive 160° dispersion pattern.

Captured, compressed air from driver movement travels through the fins encircled by the Sonic Vortex™ Enclosure. The captured air gets redirected, preventing sound bleed to an adjacent room.

The captured air travels through the fins and exits out of the ports on the front of the enclosure. This assures that no audio energy is lost and all sound is directed into the intended listening area.


In addition to the direct output of the woofer and tweeter, the exhaust from the Sonic Vortex™ ports adds 6 to 9dB boost in mid-lower bass and creates an immersive 160°dispersion pattern.

The power of Sonic Vortex™ is the amazing bass and effortless clarity in an integrated enclosure. This patented technology is a “twist” on ported transmission line design which optimizes air movement to produce astonishing sound in a compact speaker.

Listen once and the story will tell itself.

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