BPS-80 In-Room Subwoofer

BPS-80  8″ In-Room Subwoofer

  • Engineered black matte wood cabinet
  • Black cloth magnetic grill
  • 200W built-in amplifier
  • Kevlar woofer with butyl rubber surround
  • Stereo or mono audio line level input (RCA)
  • Stereo speaker level input and pass through
  • Adjustable subwoofer crossover frequency
  • Adjustable phase (0° or 180°)
  • 110/220V

In-Room 8″ subwoofer powered by Sonic Vortex®

Our Sonic Vortex® technology generates rich, deep bass and effortless clarity from what most people would call a ‘back box’, but is not. It is actually a compact, integrated tuned enclosure.
This patented technology is a ‘twist’ on Ported Transmission Line design, that optimizes air movement to produce astonishing sound. The enclosure also keeps sound from bleeding to other rooms while adding 6 to 9dB boost in mid-lower bass.