DBT-Taylor – Bluetooth Programming Adaptor

Are you an old-school audio tweak or are you a new-breed smarty pants digital technologist? Do you like tweaking your audio systems by ear, each one individually, or do you like techie toys like setup Apps, because if something doesn’t have an App, what’s the point?

What if you could do both?
You can. The DBT-Taylor Programing Module and Taylor App give you old-school knob turning in the form of a digital-age virtual setup.
The DBT-Taylor Programing Module connects to any Beale amplifier with an RJ45 Receiver IN port. It allows configuration of amp settings from the Taylor App running on either an Android or iOS tablet that is Bluetooth 4.0, A2DP, (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile a.k.a Bluetooth Audio Streaming) and AVRCP, (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) compatible. Setup options will vary a bit from amp to amp depending upon amp design and features.

The App provides settings for Master Volume, Input Audio Levels, Master Audio Limiter, EQ, Source Priority, audio-sensing Auto-On/Power OFF, Subwoofer Out ON/OFF, Sub/LFE select, Subsonic level, ((lowest output frequency) Crossover, Slope and Phase. There is a Reset Tab so you can reset the App and amp when you get completely carried away playing with all of the options and need to start over. The About Tab provides info on which revs of the App, DBT Bluetooth Module, and amp firmware you are running to be sure everything is latest latest with all current options and features.

Amp setups can be saved as ‘Preset Programs’. These files can be used to try different configurations on a particular system or used on future installs with similar configurations. Though primarily intended for use as a setup device, the DBT-Taylor can also be used for Bluetooth Audio Streaming with IR control of transport functions from the amplifier’s IR remote control.

Now every installation can be custom tailored for optimum performance with the Taylor App by Beale.